Our Team.

This is our Team.

We work and collaborate in different constellations to combine the knowledge of every individual.

This ensures a fascinating workflow and great results. 

We can vary the amount of persons depending of the project and our shedules.

Artchaic Revival stands for recollection of the essence, the root of all that life is about.

That means to do something on impulse and let expectations go, to feel the moment and puls others in turn. We break old patterns without knowing what comes behind. We pack our bags with useful tools, trust and joy to trail and error and work it out again. And like this we come together in communication and make each other moving. 

In our group of young artists everyone brings along own spice to the piece. Interrelated on our constellation the table is set with varying delicacy from (scenic-)painting and graffiti to architectural and manual skills. 

Sometimes one's taste is suprising, but in the end we walk arm in arm and give a satisfying smile stroking our bellies. What an exquisite delight.